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  • What happens in the first visit?

Before your appointment you will be emailed + texted a link to fill out some questions These give Claire an idea of the reason for your visit and some background info about you, your medical history and your lifestyle. Please don't be afraid to be detailed with your answers! ​

During the appointment Claire will go through these answers with you and ask any more questions that may be relevant to your visit. She will then do some tests and assessments to gain an understanding of your condition. She will then treat your condition based on all that information, and will develop a treatment plan according to your condition and response to the treatment. 

  • How many visits will I need?

This really varies from person to person and is very dependant on your particular condition, lifestyle factors and medical/chiropractic history. You will never get a set, cookie cutter treatment plan and what is recommended will depend on your response to the treatment. 

  • What if I don't like the 'cracking'

There are other techniques that can be used, please let Claire know if this is the case! 

  • Do we have concession prices? ​

We do- please call the clinic to discuss​

  • Do we accept DVA gold and white card referrals?​

Yes! Please obtain a referral from your GP for our clinic​

  • How much does an appointment cost? 

Please see the Book an Appointment page for up to date info

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